Skin Cafe | Castor Oil
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Castor Oil, 100% pure

Castor oil of Skin café is 100% pure and organic. The oil has been used for skin care, hair care, health issues and so forth more than hundred years.



Organic. Unrefined.

Beauty grade

120ML e


Benefits of Using Castor Oil –


  • Assures hair growth
  • Relieves dandruff.
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • An incredible treatment of scanty eyebrows.
  • Helps hair retain pigment.
  • Helps delay hair turning gray or white.
  • Alleviate fungal infection.



Carries omega-9 essential fatty acid which helps grow healthy hair.

Rich with antioxidants and vitamins.


Carries ricinoleic acid which fights against acne causing bacteria and penetrates skin layers.



Store the oil in cool and dry place. Keep it always away of heat, light and odor.


Suggested use


For Hair

Massaging scalp with Castor oil and it will help get thick and long hair.


With leave-in conditioner add up one table spoon Castrol oil and then shake the bottle well. Use this conditioner after shampooing hair. The oil carries humectant properties which will help lock in moisture in hair. Thus, r hair will not turn dry.


For Eyebrows growth

Use castor oil with the tip of a cotton ear bud to the eyebrow ridge. Do this treatment for few days. Hair will grow denser in the eyebrows.


For Skin

Massage face with castor oil after cleansing face. This treatment will abolish the dry patches of skin and maintain the hydration of skin.


Acne solution

First take few drop of castor oil and wash uP face with warm water. Next, massage face with the oil and keep it overnight. Last, wash up face with cold water next morning. This treatment will helP do away with acne. How? The oil carries ricinoleic acid which fights against acne causing bacteria and penetrates skin layers.


Fungal Infection Solution

Use the oil to get remedy of the infection. First, heat some castor oil and cool it down. Next, apply the oil in affected area before going to bed at night and leave it on overnight. Last, wash up it in the next morning. Repeat this treatment for a week to see the improvement.



For uses other than external, please consult a healthcare practitioner.


Origin: Brazil

Product of Skin Café Limited