Skin Cafe | Sweet Orange
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Sweet orange essential oil

Sweet orange peel has been used by health conscious ladies for more than hundred years. But using the peel is a bit painful for skin care which is getting convenient from now and onwards since Skin café has come up with the sweet orange essential oil.






The benefits you will get using our oil are –

  • Smooth the wrinkles.
  • Reduces bags under their eyes or puffiness in face.
  • Makes incredible lip balm.
  • Helps mitigate side effects of makeup on skin.
  • Reduces body odor using the oil as perfume.
  • Soothe nerves having anti-spasmodic in it.



100% sweet orange essential oil.



Keep it out of sunshine & heat, store in cool dark place & best with 12 months of opening.



External use only.


Suggested use


Reduce bags under the eyes and puffiness in face

To do away with such problem take coffee grinds and with it mix sweet orange essential oil and one teaspoon of honey (raw). This treatment will help solve the problem of bags under eyes or puffiness in face.


For Skin

Acne and dermatitis are skin problems girls’ face using makeup. Use orange oil mixing with carrier oil and use the mixture as a tonic. This tonic will help mitigate the skin problems.


Alleviates Cracked Lips

Blend equal parts of cocoa and mango butter and add few drop of sweet orange essential oil resulting in an incredible lip balm which will not only smell superb but also taste delicious. Furthermore, the lip balm will keep your lips from getting cracked.


Origin: USA

Product of Skin Café Limited