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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The oil is eventually known as Cananga oil. The color of the flower is slightly yellow. It has high aroma and sweet floral scent. Now as a beauty conscious person why you need to use the essential oil of Skin cafe this query can come to your mind.






Let’s see the benefits of our essential oil –

  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Alleviates hair fall and cavity.
  • Increases blood circulation of the scalp.
  • Downsizes hair loss.
  • Diminishes scalp inflammation causing one’s hair fall.
  • Uses as hair perfume.
  • Makes hair silky and skiny.
  • Soothes dry skin.
  • DIY deodorant.



Keep it out of sunshine & heat, store in cool dark place & best with 12 months of opening.




100% pure essential oil.


Suggested use


For Hair

In a clean container pour in half cup liquid coconut oil. Then next, drip in ten drops of rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil of each of the oils and to mix them well, shake them after the cap of the bottle is being screwed. This treatment is  a new natural treatment for reducing hair loss, hair follicle and so on. Massage hair with the new mixture of oil for assuring hair growth one to two hours before taking shower.


The high perfume aroma of the oil lasts long if it is used as hair perfume. Thus, use this natural oil as hair perfume rather than using any chemical made hair perfume.


For Skin

Mix Ylang Ylang Essential Oil with carrier oil and implement the oil in bug bitten, irritated skin or dry skin to come round.


Do you have overly oily skin or dry skin? Whatever skin out of the two you do have, use the Ylang ylang essential oil and the oil has balancing effect that can help you balance overly oily or dry skin. Furthermore, the essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that helps treating inflamed skin.


Mix ylang ylang essential oil with carrier oil and implement the oil in bug bitten, irritated skin or dry skin to come round. Anticeptic properties and high aroma of the essential oil helps it use as DIY deodorant.


For Bath

The intense aroma of ylang ylang essential oil lasts for long hours and thus this oil can be used as sensual bath oil. This oil is a natural aphrodisiac which is why ylang ylang essential oil is used as romantic bath oil by a number of beauty and health conscious people. Mix up seven drops of ylang ylang oil in one tbsp of coconut oil and stir this mixture in warm bath.




External use only.


Origin: USA

Product of Skin Café Limited.