Skin Cafe | Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Extra virgin Olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is very essential when you consider you hair, skin and beauty applications. The oil has been used for hundreds of years by beauty conscious people. Olive oil of Skin Café is mainly used by females. However, health conscious people, both male and female, can use the oil. For instance, anyone concern about the natural regrowth of hair can use this oil because it helps regrowth of hair and stops hair loss.


100% Pure & Natural

Organic. Unrefined. Extra-virgin.

Beauty grade    

120ML e


Benefits of Using Extra-virgin Olive Oil –


  • Vanishes dandruff            [Use of the Oil for Dandruff Treatment]
  • Stops hair loss
  • Induces regrowth of hair.
  • Helps retain moisture in hair
  • Make the hair smooth.
  • Helps protect hair against dirt and sun-rays.
  • Works as conditioner
  • Moisturize new layer of skin.
  • Loss weight fast consuming the oil with extra-virgin coconut oil.




Total fat – 14g.

100% olive oil.



For best shelf life, store in dark, cool environment always from heat, light and odor.


Suggested use


For Hair

Mix equal amounts of Extra-olive oils and lemon juice with water. Mixture will be ready. Now, massage the mixture into damp scalp of yours and keep it for twenty to thirty minutes. Next, clean up your hair with shampoo. This treatment will vanish your hair dandruff, moisture back hair & make hair shiny and strong.


Replace regular conditioner with the oil. It will result in bringing not only moisture back to hair but also make hairs shiny and strong.


In dry winter hair gets messy because of dust and pollution. Thus, hair loss increases. In this case, use the oil to help you get smooth hair. Moreover, this will moisturize hair as well.


For Skin


Use the this oil at skin after taking bath and it will help get smooth skin.


NB: Do you want to diminish after pregnancy stretch marks from body? Use the oil daily on stretch marks line to get result.


[Learn more use…]



For uses other than external, please consult a healthcare practitioner.


Origin: Spain

Product of Skin Café Limited

Price: ৳ 850 [120 ml]