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HEY, LADIES!!!! Are you tired off from using the conventional cosmetics that are just wasting your time and looks??? Are you finding a chemical free solution for this problem?? Then you need not worry about this anymore… nature is there to solve this issue by all its pure and chemical free means… yes, you got it right!!! I am talking about the extra virgin olive oil which is very essential when you consider you hair, skin and beauty applications. The oil has been used for hundreds of years by beauty conscious people.

Extra virgin olive oil is mainly used by females.However, health conscious people, both male and female, can use the olive oil. For instance, anyone concern about the natural regrowth of hair can use the extra virgin olive oil because extra virgin olive oil helps regrowth of hair and stops hair loss. Moreover, the oil helps retain moisture in hair. The moisturizing properties of the oil made it first choice for hair treatment. In addition, the extra virgin oil helps protect hair against dirt and sun-rays. If you use the oil as conditioner in regular basis it will help make health and strong hair as well as shiny hair of yours.

People facing dandruff problem use different antidandruff cares and shampoos. However, there is natural remedy of this dandruff problem which can be done by using mixture of extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice. The treatment will help mitigate the dandruff problem naturally. You will no longer need to run after any sort of chemical products. Dandruffs are usually cause by flaky and dry skins. Thus, when you will use the mixture of lemon juice with extra virgin olive oil your dandruffs will be gone with the help of acid lemon juice and simultaneously the extra virgin olive oil will help moisturize new layer of skin.

Now question is how to make the mixture! Very simple. Mix equal amounts of olive oils and lemon juice with water. Mixture will be ready. Now, massage the mixture into damp scalp of yours and keep it for twenty to thirty minutes. Next, clean up your hair with shampoo.

You can replace your regular conditioner with olive oil. It will result in bringing not only moisture back to you hair but also hairs shiny and strong. In dry winter hair gets messy because of dust and pollution. Thus, hair loss increases. In this case, use of extra virgin olive oil will help you smooth your hair if you use the oil. Moreover, this will moisturize your hair as well.

You will be surprised to know that more than fifty percent of natural hair treatment for hair problem is done by extra virgin olive oil. Thus, hope you can now get the point how important the oil is for hair growth, regrowth and so on and so forth.

You can use the extra virgin olive oil at your skin after taking bath and it will help you get smooth skin. After pregnancy stretch marks can be gone away from women’s body if they use the oil. Not only that, consumption of the oil at pregnancy period perhaps ameliorate baby’s psychomotor reflexes and so forth. Thus, if you are a woman you can try it out at pregnancy. Furthermore, the oil is a skin tightening oil and burns belly fat quickly. You can use the oil with extra virgin coconut oil to lose weight fast.

Those who are suffering from ulcer and gastritis problems they can consume the oil in its natural form and this will induce the production of bile more than any sorts of medicines and moreover the oil will work as proactive shield against gastritis.

One imperative benefit of the extra virgin oil is that the oil controls the LDL cholesterol levels and ameliorate the DHL levels. Different studies showed that those who consume two to three tablespoons of olive oils in regular basis gets less LDL cholesterol. Thus, if you consume two table spoons of extra virgin olive oil in regular basis you will be safe form heart diseases. Moreover, the oil carries blood circulation vitamins and helps improve blood circulation in normal rate.

There are many more benefits you will get using the oil. Researchers do research to sort out more benefits of the oil. Keep in touch to get more information regarding the oil and please let us know at comment section if we have been of any help.

Price: 850 Taka [120ml]
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